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This journal is created strictly for Role-playing purposes, and no profit is being made. The Exalted Setting belongs to White Wolf Games.

UPDATE: Alia is now age 20, and has just graduated from the House of Bells.

Skills: V'Neef Lelani Alia is the youngest daughter to be born to House V'Neef, and has just been sent to the House of Bells for schooling at the age of 15. She is already quite strong for her age in the Wood aspect and has some capacity with Earth as well. Thus far, her particular talents have suggested the makings of a great healer, although she's capable with a bow, on horseback, or traveling through the wilderness if the need arises. Her mental abilities are her greatest strength, but she's no slouch in the social department either. (You can't afford to be, if you're growing up in one of the great Houses.)

Appearance: As befits the terrifically potent Breeding of her house, Alia's appearance reflects the strength of her connection with the Element of Wood. Her skin is marked with a subtle bark pattern, her eyes are a deep green, and her hair is a deep mahogany. She is always surrounded by the faint scent of roses, and small rose brambles have recently begun to sprout from her temples and twine their way around her head.

Anima: The more essence Alia draws upon, the stronger the smell of roses becomes. Rose brambles appear to curl around her or reach out to who or whatever she is healing.

Motivation: "Heal those who protect Creation, and in so doing ensure that Creation is protected."

Personality: Alia often surprises those who think they know what to expect from a scion of one of the great Houses. She's a quiet, serious child, and a hard worker eager to please her teachers and to learn all she can. Alia is all too aware that people treat her differently because of her name. (V'Neef may be the youngest House, but their breeding is impeccable and Alia is the granddaughter of the Empress herself!) She would like to be known and recognized on her own merits and bring honor and fame to her House.

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creation, exalted, healing, house of bells, house v'neef
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