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House V'Neef has its fingers in almost every piece of research into medicine, biology, or Genesis tech in Creation. (Even Project Desus, if the rumors are true.) The House certainly encourages a keen interest in how life works, what makes it tick, plant and animal. It's not too surprising, then, that at least one member of that illustrious House would decide to go into the military as a healer.

Alia could be a textbook example of the bloodline of her House; strength, grace and beauty carefully nurtured as it grows to reach its full potential. Brown hair frames a face with large, vibrant green eyes. Around her temples curl rose briars, the most obvious sign of her Exaltation. (There are rumors that House V'Neef experiments with Genesis Tech on their own bloodline. They might even be true.)

Alia's traveling clothes are simple, by the standards to which she's accustomed. Nothing flashy, oh no, that would be CRASS. But the green pants, shirt, and black boots are very well made and of very good materials.

She's carefully coaxing a small vine to attach itself to the new trellis in a little pot sitting in the window of the dormitory. She could only bring SOME of her plants at home with her to the House of Bells, but she's hoping they'll help keep her from getting homesick. "Come on now, you silly thing. You know you need something to climb."

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The door opens without warning, a tall, pale-skinned woman followed by a girl about Alia's age. That girl's copper-tan and red hair clearly mark her as a Fire Aspect; behind the two, trail a few servants carrying luggage.

"Alia" the tall woman nods. "I am Ensgin Sparkling Iris, your Amah, or barracks supervisor. This dorm is under my responsibility." She steps aside and indicates the red-haired girl. "This is Cathak Nihen Fajah, she will be your roommate."

The servants are already quickly setting up the other girl's things around the other bed and the other closet and shelves.

"Get acquainted, I will be waiting for you outside at next bell" and Iris departs, with the servants following a moment later.

Date: 2015-03-29 10:16 pm (UTC)
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Fajah has a wiry build and a face witha square jaw, not exactly attractive by Meruvian standards; her hair is done correctly in a single braid tied with golden ribbons, her hands are a bit too rough for your average Dynast, and she does not seem exactly comfortable in the presence of a 'proper' Dragon-Blood like Alia. "It's... nice to meet you too." One could think the girl is almost scared of the place, the people, or both.

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The girl blinks, blinks... and smiles a bit. "I.. I don't know what I'm doing here. Really."

"But mother and father say I have to do it." She slumps down, sitting on the bed. "Like it's very important I attend and graduate, but they don't tell me why."

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"Or it's some weird plot for power or prestige?" By now Alia likely noticed Fajah's accent, the way she almost skips a couple letters from each word.

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Fajah blinks and frowns a touch; despite Alia being nice, she is not happy about how her own foreign-ness is so easy to spot. "Maybe..."

"...I should unpack my things."


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