Jun. 21st, 2014

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Amazing how time flies, isn't it? It seems like only yesterday that the fang was being formed! But the cadets are returning after their break for their third year of training, and Alia is eager to see her friends who she hasn't seen in what feels like AGES. (Yes, there are letters, but it's just not the same!)

Alia is taller now than she was when they parted, and her deep mahogany hair flows down past her shoulders. She'll have to put it up for class, of course. Which may be DIFFICULT.

She sighs at the mirror in her room, poking futilely at her hair. The briars growing from her scalp and twining through her hair are proof to all Creation of the power and purity in her blood, nothing bad about THAT, but they make styling one's hair a challenge. The briars are beginning to form buds, and Alia wonders idly what color they'll be once they open.

She glances over at her bed. "You do know you're not going to be able to sleep there at night, yes?" she says with a LOOK at her familiar.

Bahlam gives an exaggerated yawn in response, showing fangs easily capable of piercing a man's skull in one bite. The male jaguar continues to sprawl on her bed, occupying most of it as if it is only his due.

She's debating giving up on her hair and going to look for Fajah and the others as she is....


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