Nov. 1st, 2012

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V'Neef Lelani Alia (wood) See user info

Cathak Nihen Fajah (fire) Fajah Exalted recently and unexpectedly, so she received a rushed 'catch up' Dynast education before she was sent to the House of Bells. She has more skill than she realizes where things military are concerned, and Alia is helping her with the "book stuff". It's likely that she has a crush on Jusai. She has the bronzed skin and red hair that one might expect of a fire aspect.

Mnemon Caras Jusai (earth) Jusai is tall and powerfully built with earthy brown skin and bluish grey hair that display his Earth aspect. He is polite and formal almost to a fault, the result of his House's upbringing. While it is quite likely that he has a crush on Fajah, he initially met her through Alia (who might, one day, end up being his wife). Jusai is tough in melee, capable of hitting like an avalanche and taking blows as if he were a wall rather than flesh.

Ledaal Kebok Coren (air) Ledaal has very pale skin and white hair with piercing blue eyes. She's prone to strong and passionate feelings, which tend to alter the weather around her. (Storms when she's angry, rain when she's sad, clear skies when she's happy, etc.) These weather changes are a result of her heritage, which is a secret. (Her great-grandfather is a powerful storm demon named Yan.) Coren is talented with blades and with wind manipulation.

Peleps Najalin Malakai (water) Thanks to the blue-green skin and hair typical of his aspect and his usual placid demeanor, you might be tempted to write Malakai off as mostly harmless. But if he got upset, REALLY upset, you would find out that the still waters on the surface were hiding a hungry whirlpool underneath..... Malakai is the best of the five of them at moving quietly and he's Jusai's rival when it comes to martial arts.


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